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Brass: Lancashire tells the story of competing entrepreneurs in Lancashire and the surrounding area during England's Industrial Revolution, between the years 1770-1870.

Brass: Lancashire is a competitive, heavy weight, hand management, network building, economic game.



Brass: Lancashire features a deceptively straightforward rule set which creates interesting gameplay dynamics including a highly innovative variable turn order system and robust gift economy.

This original masterpiece was first published in 2008 and is widely regarded as one of the deepest, most replayable economic games every designed.

Brass: Lancashire features meticulously crafted illustrations by Damien Mammoliti and Mr. Cuddington, elegant graphic design, and high quality components.

  • Martin Wallace's original masterpiece
  • As one of the top 20 highest rated board games on, Brass: Lancashire is widely regarded as one of the deepest, most replayable economic games ever designed
  • Tweaked rule set and balance
  • Improved 2 & 3 player rules provide an experience more consistent games of 4 players
  • New high quality components including 4 player mats

Game Design: Martin Wallace
Art & Graphic Design: Damien Mammoliti, Mr. Cuddington



1 x Rulebook
1 x Gameboard
4 x Player mats
4 x Character tiles
56 x Link tiles
12 x Distant cotton market tiles
70 x Cards
4 x VP markers
4 x Income markers
24 x Black coal cubes
1 x Distant cotton market marker
16 x Orange iron cubes
77x Money tokens
148 x Industry tiles
1 x Deck tile


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