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Game of Trains is a family card game where each player is in charge of his line of railcars. The cards have super abilities that bring fun, thrill and surprises to the game. Who will be the first to get the railcars in order?

While changing your railcars in ascending order, you have to be observant for what your opponent's moves are and smart to use cards' abilities to help your train or to stop your opponents from winning.

Choo-choo, let's get going!


How to Play

Each player has a train in front of them that consists of a locomotive and 7 railcars that are arranged in descending, numerical order. The aim of the game is to arrange your train railcars in ascending, numerical order.

During their turn, players can take a new railcar card to replace one of their existing railcars.


Players can also use different card’s abilities to change the order of their railcars, protect one of the cards or even remove them from other players’ trains.

The first player to have a train with railcars arranged in ascending, numerical order is the winner!


Inside the Box

  • 88 cards: 4 powerful locomotives, 84 stunning railcars.

  • Rules.


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