Overboss: A Boss Monster Adventure (2021)

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Overboss is an all-new game featuring the retro villains of Boss Monster! Emerge from your dungeon to conquer the overworld in this game of tile drafting, map building, and set collection. Up to four players compete to build the map with the greatest Power. You can fill your world with spreading swamps, spooky graveyards, dense forests, dark caves, and orc encampments.

Aspiring Overbosses must be crafty as well as fierce: each terrain type is scored differently, and your monsters must be arranged strategically to maximize their value. Designed by Aaron Mesburne and Kevin Russ (Calico), it’s a puzzly tile laying adventure for gamers of all skill levels!

Is this an all-new game?

Yes. Overboss is an entirely new game set in Arcadia, the retro-inspired world of Boss Monster. It’s designed by new people, it’s a different genre of game, and it’s worth a look even if you’re not a Boss Monster fan. Both games share the theme of controlling a videogame-style villain in a pixel art world. Beyond that, they’re totally unique!

What are the core mechanics?

Each turn, you’ll draft one tile and one token from the market. To maximise your Power, you’ll need to find the optimal placement for your terrain tiles, monsters, and dungeon entrances! As you fill your map, use Portals to move your monsters and Crystals to multiply your Power. With smart placement and clever combos, you can build a truly dangerous map. Many Bosses will compete, but only one will be declared the ultimate Overboss!



  • 100+ Full-colour tiles

  • 100+ Tokens

  • Four Gameboards

  • Rulebook

  • Cards


Original working title: Overlord: A Boss Monster Adventure


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