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Is that a giraffe or is that a gorilla? Maybe it's both? In this game of quick reactions, players are looking for a pair of two cards with a matching set of mixed up animals on each. Having the quickest eye and collecting the most pairs will win you the game, but good luck trying not to laugh at all of the weird animals while you try!

Have the quickest eye and collect the most pairs, all the while trying not to laugh too hard at the weird animals.


How to Play

The dealer takes the deck of cards, and will reveal cards one by one.


Cards are revealed and placed away from the dealer to avoid anyone seeing them before any other players.

Be careful not to place the cards so that they cover each other.

Once a pair of cards with animals who have had their bodies exchanged are revealed, all players, including the dealer, try to grab the Pigasus!


The player who grabbed the Pigasus first points at what they believe is the correct matching pair of cards.

Pigasus_hand_card_02.png Pigasus_hand_card_01.png


The game ends after the last card is revealed, and potentially scored, then players will add up their cards. The player with the most collected cards is the winner!

Download game rules >


Inside the Box

  • 72 Cards

  • One Squeaky Toy Pig  - Pigasus


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