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Tinderblox is a fun, easy to learn dexterity game that comes in a pocket size mini-tin so you're always ready to play.

Challenge your friends and family to 'Play with fire' as you gather around to build a 3D campfire, but don't get burned! If you drop a piece of the fire you lose the game!

What's in the tin?

  • 20 x Logs
  • 10 x Yellow 'Cinder' Cubes
  • 10 x Red 'Cinder' Cubes
  • 19 x Instruction cards
  • 1 x Campfire Cards
  • 1 x Tweezers

Download Tinderblox rulebook/instructions here >

1 Draw a card. 2 Use the tweezers to grab kindling. 3 Build up the fire but don't get burnt!

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