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Oldest wins.

In this simple but addictive team game you are trying to guess which of the two options on the card came first and successfully bet on the outcome. The more you win, the faster you move around the track. The first team to cross the finish line wins.

The team with the Dealer Chip goes first. They choose to either bet one, two or all three of their chips on the ‘correct’ side of the board. When they’ve locked their bet in, move clockwise around the table until all teams has placed their chips.

Teams can risk a side bet if they’re feeling really confident by placing one chip on the Year Circle. If they choose the right side, and guess the correct year, it counts as five extra points.

Now flip over the card to reveal the answer. If a team was successful, they move their piece forward the same number of spaces that they bet (plus the side bet if they got it right). If a team bet on the wrong side, however, they move backwards the same amount.

For extra strategy and venom, every team is given a secret Time Token. At the beginning of the game, these tokens are dotted facedown around the board. These can be used to give a team a little boost, but some of them are traps. How do you know which is which? You have to land on them to find out!

Once all the teams have moved, gather your betting chips, draw a new card and go again. The first team (or teams) to cross the Finish Line win.


    We give you two cheekily-connected things, such as Donald Trump or Fake Tan, and you have to work out which is the oldest.
    Back your answer depending on how confident you are. The player who wins the most chips gets round the board quickest and wins What Came First.
    In What Came First if you’re super confident you can even bet on the exact year and win the five-chip jackpot!

Game Info:

Age: 10+
Players: 2-8
Duration: Time to Play_30 mins
Size: 274x170x55mm


200 cards, 14 game pieces, 13 chips, 1 game board, instructions


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